The endless union of all five senses with Lord Krishna.

A modern, dynamic, self-sustained and futuristic social lifestyle model based on the premise of environment-friendliness and smart living at Vrindavan on NH2. A space that aspires for the comfort and sophistication of international standards of living with state of the art infrastructure facilities.
An urbane setup for the modern individual and his family looking for a safe, sustainable and tranquil second home.

Independent Plots and Group Housing Plots
Six major types of plotted residential units with plot areas ranging from
120 sq yards to 500 sq yards so as to accommodate the needs of different sections of the housing prototype.


Townhouses Villas
Single family house
Independent floor
Mid-rise apartments
High-rise apartments


Plots for office building
Plots for non-polluting industries


Plots for early childhood to high-schools


Plots for Health Facilities


Anantam. Where convenience extends to not only your living but also your life.

Medical Facilities

  • Spaces planned for health facilities.
  • satsang / yoga and community center


  • Gated community with boundary walls in all site, CCTV camera surveillance on roads, Main Security Gate

Other Facilities

  • Bus Shuttle services from Anantam to Temples
  • Energy-efficient Solar powered LED street lights
  • The city offers an efficient and effective drainage, sewage and waste disposal system
  • Spaces planned for amenities such a post office, ATMs, Banks, Fire stations, Police stations/ chowkies etc. have been provided
  • Anantam will promote and shall have rain water harvesting, recycling water replenishing systems


  • Spaces planned for early childhood to high-schools

Commercial & Industrial

  • Spaces planned for local shopping
  • Space allocated for office building
  • Space allocated for non-polluting industries

Facilitation for Construction

  • Facilitation cell to assist designing and construction of houses

Outdoor Sports Facilities


A modern, dynamic and self-sustained lifestyle model based on the premise of the largest expandable integrated township on NH2, in Vrindavan.

Bhoomi mangalam


  • Sustainable and viable world-class township model.
  • Plotted developments.
  • Housing clusters.
  • Large scale futuristic residential model with mixed use development.
Agni mangalam


  • Energy-rekindling infrastructure
  • Provision of health and fitness facilities across age groups
  • Sports and recreation options
  • Planned open spaces with child-friendly and health infrastructure
Vayu mangalam


  • Huge interlinking green expanses with 60% area open to the sky
  • Energy-efficient green practices
  • Pollution free environment
  • Eco-friendly features to promote sustainable living
Gagana mangalam


  • Smart city with contemporary conveniences
  • World class educational, commercial, leisure and health amenities
  • Disaster management principles
  • Common infrastructure to be provided for housing
Udaka mangalam


  • Benchmarked to international standards of living
  • Landmark open space environment with waterbodies
  • Destination for the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul in harmony with nature
  • Attempt to preserve surface water and hydrologic cycle
  • Water features being provided to augment the existing fauna by providing additional water bodies

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